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Ink and me ; in the intimacy of a game, the complicity of a creative dance....

I paint with ink diluted with isopropyl alcohol, on various surfaces such as polypropylene, photo paper, expanded PVC, Plexiglass, or even Dibond. These smooth, non-porous materials have the unique characteristic of not absorbing fluids. By using alcohol as a binding agent, they allow evaporation to retain only the essential; the pigments.

It was when diving into the American technique of "Fluid-Art" that I became fascinated by the surprising properties of alcohol ink. Originally designed for coloring resins in jewelry and decorative object manufacturing, I have adapted and explored its capabilities by incorporating it as a medium in my painting. Its untamed and striking appearance seduced me, and with infinite patience and perseverance, I have learned to apprehend its whims and appropriate its temperament in each of my creations. I became intoxicated with its magic...

The liquid nature of the ink awakens a deep connection within me. As if it flowed through my veins, reminiscent of a vital essence like water. It embodies the organic, sensuality, the beginning, and takes me back to my roots, to my source, to the intimate constitution of my being, to the breath of life that animates me.

I love orchestrating this ballet with it: the splashes, drips, droplets, imprints, layering effects, traces, dilutions, and absorptions... This familiarity opens the doors to my sensitivity, allowing me to let speak what arises in the present moment.

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