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Born in Toulon and proudly carrying Corsican roots through her mother, Cécile Coënt grows up in a musical artistic universe where art is perceived as a way of life and a sublimation. Creativity naturally takes root in her from her childhood, pushing her to explore drawing, particularly to bring to life the characters from her readings.

Supported by her grandmother and teachers, Cécile pursues an academic artistic education at the Beaux-arts in Toulon and Versailles. She acquires fundamental techniques while becoming passionate about painting and exploring its many facets. Figurative expression offers her an opportunity to apply her academic skills in the study of the nude, perspectives, and colorimetric nuances, thus strengthening her expertise and aesthetic quest.

Significant changes in her life drive her to seek greater freedom of expression and to artistically convey her emotions. Cécile Coënt moves away from figurative art in favor of abstraction, expressing herself spontaneously through American "Fluid Art" techniques and ink.

In parallel, Cécile works as a nurse, an experience that feeds her sensitivity and reinforces her quest for artistic expression in the face of suffering and illness. Convinced of the therapeutic impact of art, Cécile becomes an Art Therapist for the Assistance Publique des Hôpitaux de Paris. She offers an alternative expressive approach to speech for dependent elderly people.

Cécile Coënt's workshop is located at her home in Herblay, in the Val-d'Oise, a place where she continues to flourish as an artist, reinvent herself, explore and develop her technique, and enrich her creative process.


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