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The unconscious in the material....

I explore the balance between control and surrender, using an unusual technique of ink and isopropyl alcohol.

Drawing from my personal experiences, emotional encounters, and observations, I seek to traduce visual representations of often nebulous and elusive emotions.

My background as a nurse and art therapist, as well as my encounters with elderly people suffering from Alzheimer's disease, has deeply influenced my creative process:
There is no total amnesia because the unconscious teems with signs and experiences that resist oblivion.

By asking ourselves, "What remains of me? What was I?", we find that the present reclaims the remnants of the past, even the most painful ones. Their resurgence gives a second life to what no longer has one, illustrating the constant renewal of memory and identity.

Matter, a fundamental element of the sensitive world, like the unconscious in humans, collects and preserves the marks left by life. I develop a particular attachment to the language of matter. I seek to unveil the hidden narratives that reside within, recreating a dialogue between past and present. It's about diving into the unconscious embodied in matter and navigating between these two poles.

Capturing the subtleties of textures allows me to reveal the unconscious vestiges from the present moment, bringing them back to life in harmony with my sensitivity, emotions, and intuition. I play with a variety of textures, colors, and compositions to generate a powerful and suggestive visual exchange and offer viewers a unique and captivating sensory experience.

Isopropyl alcohol displaces and manipulates the ink in an unpredictable way, resulting in outcomes that can be neither completely controlled nor completely surrendered. Sometimes, I meticulously control the process by playing with proportions and the application of both substances, while at other times, I let myself be carried away by the unexpected and surprises concocted by this alchemical blend.

The effects in the material can take various abstract forms, revealing the invisible forces at work: bodies, faces, fantastic animals, specters, ruined structures, or scars on a landscape.

The colors I use can encompass deeper emotional meaning, ranging from dark and mysterious hues to brighter and more dynamic shades.

In exploring and transforming these delicate interactions, where each new work becomes a journey to discover the limits of control and surrender, my ultimate goal is to capture the fleeting beauty of these ephemeral moments and share these discoveries with the audience.

The process itself represents a journey of discovery and learning, both for me as an artist and for the viewer who interprets and finds their own meanings within the works I create.

Thus, my work invites reflection and personal exploration. Each person is free to interpret and understand these abstract compositions as they wish, opening the door to a multitude of emotions, memories, and dreams.

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